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5 tips for hiring a tutor

A teacher –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– may be the right answer for a child struggling with homework. Make sure the person you hire is qualified, good-natured and has a program that suits you and your family.

When a child struggles with school, a special teacher may be the right answer. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Knowledge and experience

At tutors.gr you will find teachers for all ages and educational levels. Make sure the person you choose knows the lesson or topics your child needs help with.

Equally important, the teacher needs to know how to work with students, your child’s age and level of understanding.

2. Recommendations and character

Ask lots of questions before hiring a tutor. Ask for and check recommendations, make sure the teacher is not only academically trained, but has the right character to work with children.

You can consult the list of teachers for private lessons of tutors.gr. Members have access to local customer reviews of teachers in more than 50 specialties.

3. Availability and flexibility

The availability of the teacher is important. Tutoring that is too late at night or scheduled on busy school days may not be as effective.

Consistency helps with teaching sessions, but do not over-plan them. Some flexibility is also helpful. If you or your student have scheduled a large exam, you may want an extra hour of private tutoring. Find out in advance what kind of extra sessions the teacher can offer.

4. Private and online private lessons

Teaching can be done privately (at home) or online. Some students may find online tutoring more enjoyable. Others work best with home teaching. You may want many options.

Whichever option suits your child, make sure the same teacher is available for all tutoring.

5. Personal connection

No matter how good a tutor is, if you or your children are not comfortable with the person, the teaching will not be as effective as you would like it to be.

Take time for an in-depth interview with a prospective teacher. Include the child in a part of the interview. After the first sessions, check how the learning process is evolving. If you do not see the results you want, consider finding a different teacher.

How much should private lessons cost?

Whatever your budget or need, there is always a teaching option for you. If your child needs a little extra help in a particular subject or in general, using a tutoring teacher can be a huge benefit. Teachers can offer valuable help in various subjects. Regular private lessons can give your child time to work through difficult tasks at home, prepare a homework or just learn how to study properly.

The three basic types of teaching are:

  • private lessons at home
  • group private lessons
  • online private lessons

The cost of teaching varies, based on the type of guidance, the experience of the instructor and a number of other factors.

How much do private lessons at your house cost?

Unlike a training center, private tutors will spend all their time one by one with your child. Classes are usually held at your home. Tutors tend to specialize in specific subjects, so if you are looking for home tutoring on a wider range of subjects, you will need more than one tutor.

Having the tutors.gr website at your disposal that can connect you with a teacher, finding the right one for your child is easier than ever. The cost can range from € 5 to € 40 per hour, depending on the level of experience of the instructor and the specialty you are looking for. Tutoring generally does not charge extra fees or require contracts.

How much do group tutorials cost?

There are several teachers taking group private lessons. In most cases, your child will attend a group tutoring, with one teacher in charge of two to three students at a time.

Teachers usually offer personal assessments to pinpoint the areas in which your child needs the most help and to tailor a curriculum specifically for these needs. With dozens of locations throughout Greece and many specialized teachers, you should easily be able to find one near your home for the days that suit you best.

Tuition fees usually range from € 5 to € 40 per hour, depending on the course. Corporate teachers tend to be the most economical option. The combination of 2-3 students reduces the cost more, as the teacher saves a lot of time from moving to the students’ homes.

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